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So these Onion-y news headlines are more or less a result of me throwing out little amusing quips on Twitter and realizing I’m wasting cartoon ideas. Sometimes I write a bunch of jokes about a news event on Twitter, salvage the good ones for a comic, and delete the evidence so as not to spoil it.

While the second panel is completely made up, the first and last are pretty much the reality we now live in. A decade long, trillion dollar war is necessary while STD testing is an evil that we can’t fork over a few million dollars a year for. The fact that federal funds are (wrongly) barred from going to provide abortions let’s you know it’s all about punishing Planned Parenthood while increasing the amount of misery in the world for mostly not rich, mostly women people. If you’d like to know how we can reconcile pro-war and anti-choice views, see my idea for the Predator Stork.

Friday: Our New Ambassador To Libya”

06.22.2011 |