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When I read that "Justice Thomas says a good legal brief reminds him of the TV show 24," my head immediately filled with funny images and I went digging for some of the most absurd things I could find from the show. (It wasn't hard.) 24 is basically a right-wing fantasy world where we are constantly under threat and brave men, unimpeded by ACLU lawyers, are able to kill terrorists with impunity, as they should. It's also based on the premise that one man has been involved in eight national security emergencies that required staying up for 24 hours straight and killing over 200 people in the process. I had a hard enough time buying the coincidence of the Diehard 2 premise. Scenes like this are pretty much exactly what we are told a ticking time bomb scenario would look like. And yet, for a show that is famous for its proud "torture works" message, the scene seems to me to point out the fact that Jack Bauer is insane and that screaming and choking people are unlikely to yield good results in the real world. I get the feeling that Thomas probably likes 24, but really just answered that way to fuck with the writer of the article. (The guy has been carrying a serious chip on his shoulder long before his confirmation hearings.) Later in the article he has the same attitude: "when asked by interviewer Bryan Garner whether he would describe himself as a word lover, replied: 'Not particularly. ... I like buses and football and cars.'" Buses, huh? So to review: he hates words, writing, and hasn't asked a single question from the bench in five years. He also seems to hate ethical behavior. A recent article in the Times is pretty damning in pointing out that he isn't merely the most radical member of the court, but probably its most corrupt.
06.21.2011 |