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Abbotta Bad Boy

Osama Bin Laden is said to have a decent porn collection he apparently dipped into after the three wives went to sleep. I’d say they all watched, but his views of women are so repressive that I’m sure he has a double standard for their sexual habits. Jokes were flying all over the internet last week. From my Facebook page, readers offered up possible porn titles: 72 Virgins 1 cup, Debbie Does Abbottabad, Burkakake.

It’s more of an irresistible topic than anything else. But I wanted to make the point about moral hypocrites. While he was ranting against the decadent West and putting his wives in veils, he was pulling his pud in a fortified compound to a lot more than ankle shots. Hiram! Not too different from all the cheating moralists, raping preachers, and anti-gay gay politicians we see on a regular basis – they’re just clean-shaven and lack automatic weaponry. Sexually repressed men sure are a drag on the world.

Friday: Atheists in Foxholes”

05.18.2011 |