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Osama Photos Released!

Taking a cue from the military strategy of medieval conquerors, Sarah Palin and other conservatives demanded the photos of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse to display as a dark warning to those who wish to attack America, die as a martyr, and have their death photo released to the public where it can be promptly printed on posters touting them as inspirational heroes. Besides being repugnant, barbaric, and stupid, it has almost entirely to do with a Democrat being in office. Had president McCain killed OBL, Palin would say releasing the photos would undermine our troops and we’d be seeing a release the photos!” Code Pink sit-in on Capitol Hill while people other than Glenn Greenwald fretted about cross-border assassinations with no apparent desire for a trial. Hey, when your team is winning, why think critically?

As for the other argument for releasing the photos–for proof–I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. He isn’t still alive. The photos wouldn’t dispel the theories that Osama was on ice and Obama rolled him out of the freezer when gas prices went up. (Talk about a master plan!) After Tonkin, Tillman, Lynch, WMD, and every other thing ever, I don’t trust the government on much. But Osama is dead, they killed him.”

05.11.2011 |