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D’s and Aaarrrrrs

Every time I do a Birther comic I lament the fact that I’m still doing them. I would stop, but… that photo. Also, the conspiracy seems to be growing over time. As no new evidence is introduced and no doubt whatsoever remains as to Obama’s citizenship, more and more Republicans become convinced he is a Kenyan. Today, a little over a quarter of Republican primary voters even think he was born in Hawaii. At this rate, the entire population will come to think he is an illegal alien sometime during his second term.

This is easily explained by racism. You see, many people still loathe black people and, since you can’t really express it in public as vividly as you used to, it manifests itself as bizarre conspiracy theories. That’s the reason it appeals to the Republican base, and assholes like Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee are simply pandering to them. No one who ever interviews these guys seems able to call them on what they are doing. I guess they’re just whacky fellas!

When I did my Mike Huckabee cartoon a few weeks ago explaining that he is essentially calling Obama a “nigger,” no paper in the country would print it – I checked. Racist code language: acceptable. Decoding it: offensive.”

04.27.2011 |