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Lloyd Dangle brought an end to his weekly "Troubletown" strip after an impressive 22 year run. That's most of my life spent toiling away in a dying field. Dangle gets a Bors Blog Salute for the incredible mental might that must have taken, as well as being an early inspiration for me foolishly entering this profession. You can see his last strip here. We'll miss you, Lloyd. Also on my radar this week is Jen Sorensen's cartoon about the last Donald Trump Fest a few years ago. I forgot about that one since my attention span has been abolished by social networking sites. I've checked my email ten times since starting this post. What's happened to us? Moving on, Shannon Wheeler's latest is funny. I'm posting it here since he is redesigning his website. Wheeler's latest book, I Thought You Would Be Funnier, is up for an Eisner award this year. If he loses, he'll really regret the cheekiness of that title and drown himself in drink. Please vote Wheeler.
04.26.2011 |