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Two longer articles I'm really enjoying... Two Cups Of Bullshit: It turns out Greg Mortensen has been serving something hot and steamy for years – and it isn't tea. If you missed the questions regarding the accuracy of his memoir and sketchy financial dealings, check out the 60 Minutes segment and short ebook by John Krakauer published this week by Byliner, a new site geared towards long-form journalism that looks like it could be interesting. I love me a good takedown of a huckster. Rancho Rajneeshi: Speaking of hucksters, cult leaders top that list, and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh made the news in the 80s for establishing a cult compound here in Oregon and launching the largest biological attack on US soil, poisoning hundreds. The cult is also apparently responsible for the largest wiretapping operation ever uncovered (other than the one the government now runs on its own people). The Oregonian is in the midst of a five-part series on the cult based on new files released from the FBI that detail other plots that never came to fruition, including murder. Yay for cults!
04.19.2011 |