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Common Ground: It’s underneath Iraqis’ feet!

I was traveling through airports this weekend, so I encountered a copy of USA Today for the time in a while. On the Op-Ed page they had a debate on the Libyan intervention between Bob Beckel and Cal Thomas, who are said to be liberal and conservative, respectively. (It doesn't appear to be online.) They based their support of Obama on their party registration as all establishment partisan do. After Thomas suggests countries we bomb should be sent an "expense report" for the bombs we dropped on them, Beckel had this to say:
Bob: Now we can find common ground. It is outrageous, for example, when Iraq leased rights to drill in their untapped oil fields, the country that made it possible for Iraq to lease in the first place that would be us, of course - lost the bidding. Cal: Who got it? Bob: China and Russia, among others. Some countries that we help liberate - such as Afghanistan, which unlike Iraq is not awash in oil - are poor and unlikely to help pay for the war. We should expect countries that ally with us in these wars, however, to help foot the bill.
What's our oil doing under their feet? Any place we liberate into a free democratic government should sell us their oil in a rigged, unfair bidding process! What right do they have to sell their own resources to any other country? We get it no matter what. Also, by "we" I mean "multi-national corporation that is based here." This is what passes for a Liberal Democrat in our media.
04.11.2011 |