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This comic came directly from reading Adam Serwer’s Birtherism Lexicon while trying to avoid its exact formulation. I cannot believe I am still doing cartoons on birthers. I want to stop, but their persistence necessitates more ridicule. At this point there are a number of strains, from the purist conspiracy theorists, to those who think something is up, to the more cynical Republicans who obviously know better but take a more agnostic approach when pushed on the issue (nearly the entire party).

As for Donald Trump, all he is doing is simply participating in a new form of self-promotional advertising whereby he is granted millions of dollars worth of airtime to sell the the same phony product he’s been hawking for decades: himself. Simply declare that you are thinking of running for president, or state that Obama was not born in Hawaii, and your speaking fees will quadruple from the resulting media tour.

Wednesday: Rebel Waste

04.04.2011 |