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The state of American editorial cartooning is discussed in a new article in The Economist focusing on myself and Dan Perkins of "This Modern World" fame. The outlook for "altweekly" cartoonists has been looking grim during the last few years. Unilaterally banned for decades from mainstream papers for our aesthetics and politics, it's been hard to even land in a free rag these days. Websites have never wanted to run our work, Salon's comic section being the only notable exception. Lloyd Dangle announced he will retire his "Troubletown" strip next month after a twenty-two year run and I was reflecting on all the amazing cartoonists who stopped bothering with this mess; Mikhaela Reid, David Reese, Ward Sutton, Tim Kreider, Kevin Moore--the list goes on. Contrast those names with the type of well-paid professional work I regularly ridicule on this blog. But there is positive news. Perkins announced he will move his strip from Salon to Daily Kos while also serving as comics editor, curating a selection of progressive cartoonists. That makes one new outlet for cartoons and one old one if Salon is smart enough to seek a replacement. There are also some exciting developments in the works with Cartoon Movement. Those relate more to comics journalism than editorial cartooning, but for now let's say I'll be leaving the country again this year.
03.31.2011 |