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Captain America Strikes!

I did a Sgt. Fury parody a few months ago and the situation in Libya seemed to lend itself to reimagining another comic book cover. Operation Odyssey Dawn is not a war at all, the White House claims, merely a “limited humanitarian intervention” and–I’m not making this up– a “kinetic military action,” which brings to mind the popular game “World Of Kinetic Military Action Craft 3.” Whether you support it or not, it’s a war.

I remain skeptical of the whole adventure, but wouldn’t mind seeing the rebels (not us) kill Qaddafi before some random Arab dictator offers him a retirement mansion in exchange for stepping down. Outside of the imprisoning and torturing, Qaddafi has stolen so much of his people’s money that he could single handedly finance our three wars for, like, a month.

Wednesday: Intervention Lottery”

03.28.2011 |