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Now that bashing Arianna Huffington has gone mainstream, she is having to defend her business model from figures all over the media landscape. Bill Keller, the editor of the New York Times, unloaded on her in a recent column. Arianna fired back in a column of her own, proudly boasting of getting more page views than Bill, which, if it were the sole factor determining one's worth, would make porn sites the most significant institutions on the web. But this part gets me:
He then describes HuffPost's offerings as nothing more than "celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications." I wonder what site he's been looking at. Not ours, as even a casual look at HuffPost will show.
Is a rebuttal to that even necessary? Jason Linkins, Huffington's attack dog, piled on by pointing out that a Times Health editor solicited pet videos from readers. Gotcha, Keller! Of course, that isn't the same thing as the constant stream of YouTube videos and slideshows that appear on HuffPo that have no news value whatsoever and serve only to generate the massive page views she trumpets. When they try to compare themselves to the Times it only makes their differences from a real news organization more obvious, as even a casual look at their websites will show.
03.16.2011 |