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Media mogul Ariana Huffington is trademarking the letter H--at least certain expressions of it--so too bad for all other Corporation Americas who begin with H. I think I saw a story on her site* recently that mocked Sarah Palin for trying to trademark her name. Also Ariana related, Chris Hedges--careful with that H, buddy--has a great column at TruthDig on her labor practices. He interviews Mayhill Fowler, the HuffPo blogger who broke the "clinging to guns and religion"quote from Obama that turned into national story.
"She strung me along for two years while I repeatedly asked for funding for three projects, and then I quit," Fowler told me from Oakland, Calif., as I spoke with her by phone. When Fowler, whom the site nominated twice for a Pulitzer, finally resigned last year in disgust, Mario Ruiz, the spokesperson for The Huffington Post, acidly told Yahoo News: "Mayhill Fowler says that she is ‘resigning' from The Huffington Post. How do you resign from a job you never had?"
If you take the tempting "They chose to blog for free position," read his entire column for a good argument against it. As for burning Fowler, have to love that public contempt for a contributor who you thought was worthy of a Pulitzer but not a dime in pay. Very progressive. My question: Had Fowler won the big (untrademarked) P, who would have received the prize money? *a story reported by another news outlet that they reworded and linked to.
02.22.2011 |