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It's been a bad week for editorial cartoons. Lots of Hieroglyphic Egyptians, crumbling Sphinxes, and other crap. Out of all the cartoonist in the entire country, I only noticed Adam Zyglis, Nate Beeler and Ted Rall mentioning that we support dictators in the Middle East. I hope there were others, but most everyone I saw relayed the important editorial message "riots against bad man are happening." A good deal did express an opinion: that Islamic radicals could take over and we should be scared. Enter Bob Gorrell. People are having a revolution and dying in the streets, exhibiting bravery we can hardly imagine, and he is making fun of them for being foreign and born under a dictator.
Bob Gorrell Creators Syndicate Inc. Feb 2, 2011
Can anyone explain why there are three labels on Anubis? Really. I don't get how it's supposed to work. Was he thinking when made this or was his brain reacting like a Pavlovian dog, immediately slapping labels on an image related to a country where he heard news is happening without rhyme or reason? Michael Ramirez While everyone wastes their time on the revolution in Egypt, Mike's putting together his Pulitzer portfolio of salt commentary. On a lighter note, look at the random cloud of crosshatching mucking up the blank background. Guy couldn't help himself. Don Wright
02.04.2011 |