Matt Bors
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Our government’s response to the uprising in Egypt is shameful, but not surprising. Even if Obama and Clinton hadn’t come out and coldly hedged their bets against human freedom, they couldn’t have done anything to erase the years of military goodies we’ve lavished on a man who jails dissents and tortures so well we outsourced victims to him to extract confessions. (In fact, his newly appointed VP was in charge of the bloodwork .)

While invading two countries in the region during the last ten years, America justified all manner of bloodshed, looting, sectarian violence and mayhem as the “birth pangs” of Democracy. “They could still be living under Saddam!” was the last cry of apologists trying to claim the moral high ground.

Then, as millions of people openly rebelled against thirty years of dictatorship, our Secretary of State seemed to suggest a few stores getting looted and a dictatorship continuing were equal concerns.

Pundits who once brushed off the complete demolition of Iraq in order to bring them regularly scheduled elections, now think the chance of radical Muslims filling the power vacuum in Egypt may not be worth letting the brown people govern themselves.”

02.02.2011 |