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In late November and early December of last year, London was rocked by a series of protests over plans to raise caps on student tuition from £3,290 to £9,000--part of austerity measures being implemented in England by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. Massive street demonstrations broke out in London, leading to some destruction of property and violent clashes with the police. Led mostly by students, they were the largest protests London had seen in over a decade. The backlash persists with streets protests happening as recently as last Saturday. Today at Cartoon Movement we publish the second installment of Drawing The Line: London during the student protests by Tom Humberstone and Anne Holiday, who are based in London and attended the protests for us. The final chapter will run next Wednesday. From a view inside a civil service office, to a demoralized cop and a teen harangued by police, Humberstone and Holiday offer a glimpse into the various people intersecting amid the chaos.
02.02.2011 |