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Al Franken writing at his old friend Ariana's site:
A lot of people are unhappy that the president punted on first down, and I'm one of them. Extending the excessive Bush tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires will explode our deficit over the next two years without doing anything to help our economy. I think it's simply bad policy.
Exploding the deficit without doing anything to help our economy. Bad policy. A football analogy for the dumbest thing you can do. That's how a Democratic Senator describes things he votes for. The rest of the post details his reasons, which include some very original things I've never heard a politician talk about: "working families," "families trying to put food on the table" and "homeless kids spending Christmas in a shelter or a car." There's an argument to be made for extending the tax cuts for the wealthy in exchange for unemployment benefits. But if your explanation starts out with how horrible it is, then says, "But go watch Mickey's Christmas Carol and tell me I'm wrong." I'm going to have to insist on something better.
12.19.2010 |