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Julian Assange is invading the privacy of our spies. Now that foreign diplomats know the Diet Coke they are offered is so their DNA can be swabbed, the State Department will have to get more creative. We seem to have arrived at an era where there is open and general agreement from every elected official except Ron Paul that the only information the public should receive about our diplomatic efforts are blatantly propagandistic niceties made for public consumption. How can a country get anything done when its people are paying attention?

No one in the U.S. seems to like Assange much. Opinions range from murderous to thinking he’s great but kind of off-putting given his resemblance to a smug European fashion editor. Even supporters seem to qualify their praise for Wikileaks. Me, I like most of what he does. I like people who rock the boat. However, if the boat is rocking because you are sexually assaulting a woman on it, then I don’t like that very much.

Who knows what to make of that whole issue? The charges sure arrive at a convenient time, and Interpol clearly went overboard for political purposes, but he wouldn’t be the first megalomaniac undone by his gay/straight/pedophilic/sexual assaulteriffic penis.

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12.15.2010 |