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On my way back from Afghanistan this summer, I made a stop in Amsterdam to meet with Tjeerd Royaards, the cartoon editor of VJ, a Dutch-based website of video journalism that carries a selection of editorial cartoons. Tjeerd was going to be running a new site called Cartoon Movement and wanted material from my Afghanistan trip for the launch. Cartoon Movement's main focus is editorial cartoons for an international audience, but will also feature comic journalism. The website launches this Wednesday with the first of four installments of comics from my trip. I'll also be joining the website as Comics Journalism Editor. While editorial cartoons have a long history, comics journalism is a relatively new concept and a form of comics I'm particularly excited about. Cartoon Movement is going to be the only place on the web that regularly showcases work in this field from people all over the world. No one will be doing anything like this. CM is about creating a viable platform for cartoonists, one that pays not in pennies or the dreaded "exposure" artists are often asked to work for, but with respectable compensation. And we're determined to keep it going. Tjeerd and I both work in the field and are driven to find ways to make editorial cartoons and comic journalism something that people can continue to do as a profession. I'm excited to finally be in a position to do something about the future of the field--to elevate its standing, those of artists who should have wider recognition, and pay them well for their work. I have a lot of plans for the site that will be rolling out over the next year.
12.13.2010 |