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Better Stall Tactics Than Larry Craig

John McCain is determined to be on the wrong side of history on this one. But why? Revenge for Obama beating him? Dementia? Wanting to make it to the grave before the queers can serve? I never pegged McCain as the typical closeted anti-gay gay guy, but I’m starting to wonder if he had a little too much fun in the Navy. Now that every study and poll has confirmed he’s the last person in America to care if members of the military are Arab language specialists who stop terrorist attacks while happening to be gay, it seems clear he just really, really doesn’t like gay people.

But as we learned during the 2008 campaign, you can never question McCain’s motives. They are pure, delivered with Straight Talk™ and with the best interests of the country in mind–especially members of the military. Unless they be gay.

But pretty cool about that bacteria.

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12.08.2010 |