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Unfortunately, the point of this cartoon was illustrated last week (after I filed it) by the man here in Portland who was arrested for trying to detonate a fake bomb the Feds sold him. At this point I’m very skeptical of radical Muslims’ ability to produce an explosive that works. Growing up in the Midwest, you have to learn to acquire or make explosives just to keep life interesting. Maybe terrorists should train in Ohio instead of Pakistan. And now that you can’t even get an unmolested colostomy bag on a plane, I’m betting we’ll see attacks in the remaining places you can travel without having a government agent inspect your breast implant.

After a maniac incinerates a city bus in five o’clock traffic, will all buses require pat-downs and body scanners? It’s the same logic that lead us to implement this system in air ports. I’m sure you can think of a thousand reasons why it’s different, wouldn’t happen, couldn’t be implemented, and wouldn’t be tolerated by the public, all of which will be ignored when they start up the program.

11.29.2010 |