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Sarah Palin’s power is vast. Her every utterance is a news story. Her offspring are propelled through mind-numbing dance shows by her legion of fans. She can torpedo parts of legislation with a Facebook update or wreak havoc on the English language with a single tweet.

The New Oxford American Dictionary recently announced its Word Of The Year is “refudiate.” This doesn’t mean it has officially become a word, mind you, but it may if people like me ironically adopt it as slang for long enough. There were a lot of mash-ups, tech terms and buzzwords in 2010. “Refudiate” was probably chosen less for its validity as a word and more for its ability to have new stories written about the fact that dictionaries are still printed.

Sarah Palin will probably run for president simply to prevent anyone from getting more airtime than her, drop out right before she loses the nomination, claim she was bullied by the media and ride the sympathy wave into the nearest television studio to sign an eight-figure deal, tweeting made up words the entire way.

Friday: Peace Bribes”

11.24.2010 |