Matt Bors
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You think Kanye West is as big of an egotistical douchebag as one can get. Until you run in to George Bush claiming Kanye’s dissing during Hurricane Katrina was the worst moment of his presidency. When softly prodded by weak sauce interviewers Oprah and Matt Lauer on Iraq and the response to Katrina, Bush gives the same defiant, canned answers he always has and ends with, well, you’ll have to read the book.” The only time he really seemed to get emotional was talking about Kanye. Lauer and Oprah eat that stuff up like crack. How did that make you feel?

You have to apologize for things on television now so we can all collectively experience and tweet about it, so Kanye went on The Today Show for that.

After giving a long, rambling answer and appearing kind of vulnerable, Lauer kept pressing in hopes of getting him to cry or make an outrageous statement that could go viral for two hours and make him seem relevant. After he tried to explain himself some more, Lauer rolled tape of Bush saying Kanye’s comments upset him and urged him to “look at his face.”

Now that’s good television.

I guess Lauer was really concerned with Bush getting an apology. Too bad during that interview Lauer didn’t roll tape of Iraqis who had their lives torn apart by Bush’s pointless war and urge him to look in their eyes and apologize.”

11.17.2010 |