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Money and Ethics in Politics

If only Keith Olbermann had incorporated and added his political donations to the mountains of cash dumped into campaign coffers, he probably wouldn’t have violated any ethics rules at NBC. As August pointed out this week, the network lacks decent standards on a number of other levels as well.

Great effort is made in politics and journalism to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, as opposed to actual interests being conflicted. Journalists like Bob Woodward love to tout symbolic fact that they bring their daughter into the voting booth with them to cast their vote, as they are above such biased activities.

Also, Bush has a new book out and I wanted to throw him in there. You may have heard he was very upset with what Kayne had to say about him during Hurricane Katrina. Truly unfair for him to have to suffer such an indignity while citizens of New Orleans floated dead on the streets of America.”

11.10.2010 |