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Mailbag Douchebag – Savage Injun Edition

Ronald writes in.
You are inaccurate in you cartoon by your defense of a mosque at GroundZero. Bible fanatics never killed Indians like Muslims kill infidels. In fact, they were not religious killings at all as your misleading cartoon depicts. The savage Indians, much unlike those you see today were killing each other hundreds of years before white man arrived. We allied with them as much as they would allow. Even peaceful tribes were known to turn on us and war, such as the Cherokees. We gave goods, services, guns and food for land in which they later turned and warred back in retaliation, much like a savage. Evidently you are another ACLU brainwash victim.
I don't know anything about Ron, but I'd wager he is not a professor of Native American studies.
10.17.2010 |