Matt Bors
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People who’ve done nothing wrong except lose their job or develop a health problem are being booted out of their homes. Actually, people who have not even missed a mortgage payment are having their homes broken into by repo men. Next they’ll be stealing the cardboard boxes of homeless people. This is the much-heralded group of hard-working Americans” both parties constantly pander to and claim to represent but never quite manage to actually help.

Things are so bad in Hooverville, evil monocle-wearing bankers are voluntarily halting foreclosures. Not because they care about human beings, of course, but because their massive foreclosure fraud is being uncovered and they’d like to take the heat off the industry in order to sap the will to reform it.

That shouldn’t be a problem since our government forgot it can legislate things. Harry Reid sent a nice letter to mortgage lenders urging them to halt foreclosures voluntarily. Obama publicly expressed the fact that mortgage fraud is illegal and bad. Scary stuff.”

10.13.2010 |