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Public Service Announcement

America recently realized gay people kill themselves because they are bullied and treated as second class citizens.

The pious, divorce-prone hillbillies of the religious right think all this awareness raising is part of the gay agenda” they always yelp about. These are people who derive their views on homosexuality from the section of the Bible that tells you how to be a good slave owner. Well, that and their own homosexual experiences.

This AP article reports on their 2,000 year-old view point with dutiful neutrality.

The conflict: Gay-rights supporters insist that any effective anti-bullying program must include specific components addressing harassment of gay youth. But religious conservatives condemn that approach as an unnecessary and manipulative tactic to sway young people’s views of homosexuality.

Well, yes. They are trying to sway young people’s views of homosexuality. Sway them all the way over to equality and normality. You know, so they stop jumping off bridges.

Wednesday: Foreclosures No More”

10.11.2010 |