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Americans in their own words

Hi there. I just read your comic Afghans in their own words. If these are the real words of the Afghan peopl then I would hope that you are educating them on the truth.
Yes Pres. Obama was raised a Muslim. Yes he claims to be a Christian but his life does not reflect Biblical truth. Christians do not believe in abotion and they especially do not vote against a measure that would allow doctors to perfom life saving techniques to save a baby who had survived an abortion. Christian do not believe that Homesexuality is natural. President Obama does. Christians would not be freinds with un-repentant terrorists. Christains do not believe in Socialism. They see it as enslavement. I hope that you are teaching the Afghan people these truths about our president whom is the least qualified president ever elected. I hope that you are teaching them that a president whoim tramples on the rights of his own people is no better then the Taliban. Pat Beaverton. OR
"No better than the Taliban." All I do is give voice to the people.
09.29.2010 |