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Mailbag Douchebag – Afghanistan Edition!

It's been a while since I've posted a Mailbag Douchebag. (My faves are here, here and here.) My leaving for Afghanistan brought overwhelmingly positive e-mail and humbling financial support from readers. But the Douchebags came out of their holes to opine. One reader inquired as to my exact location so he could turn my coordinates over to the Taliban to murder me. A more forgiving critic, Thomas, simply wants me to find gainful employment:
Perhaps you should tryworking for the Taliban and creating some of their anti-Americanleaflets? This would be a good position for you since you obviouslythink that Afghan people and their culture is preferable to that ofthe United States. Go live amongst the Afghan people and spread the anti-Americanism there...
I looked into this while I was overseas. Given the high unemployment level in Afghanistan, however, the Taliban leafleting centers are unwilling to hire an illegal immigrant like myself despite my fluency in English, illustration skills and knowledge of Photoshop. Speaking of Anti-Americanism, check out the Revolutionary Guard building in Tehran!
09.28.2010 |