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Afghanistan Odds and Ends

I'm going to write a little wrap-up to my trip soon, but I wanted to point out the great work my travel companions did as well as discuss flies. Ted Rall's daily "Afghan Notebook" comics are still running and his latest column, Afghan War Lies, dispels with much of the current conventional wisdom on Afghanistan. Steven Cloud took some amazing photographs and compiled them into collections from each city we visited. I especially recommend the one from Chagcharan, the smallest town we stayed in. Not only does it show some of the sketchier accommodations we had during the trip--the airport, the bullet hole in our hotel room window, the toilet--but includes this picture of me pretending to be a badass on a motorcycle. Like any third world country where sewage flows in the streets, flies are in abundance. In our Chaghcharan hotel room, the flies were so overwhelming all we could do was laugh and make up crazy stories about them. Afghan flies even seemed more aggressive, flying directly into our eyeballs and up our noses. So, under constant assault from flies, we did a jam comic.
09.14.2010 |