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After months of preparation, I leave today for a month-long trip through Afghanistan. In fact, if you are reading this I am already gone; Portland to Seattle to New York to Moscow to Dubai to Dushanbe. I'll touch down in all of those places over the next two days and cross into Afghanistan by land sometime at the end of the week with Ted Rall and Steven Cloud. I've drawn five weeks worth of cartoons that will run here while I'm gone. My friend Dan will be posting comics, sketchbook pages and blog posts I send to him from the ground. A special thanks to those of you who helped fund the trip through donations. I've grown out the beard and packed my bag that I'll be living out of for five weeks. I've got sketchbooks, coffee and clean underwear--the three essentials of cartooning. My passport has visas for five countries, including one for Iran that came through at the last minute. I'm anxious to get there, to finally see the country and its people for myself and get back safe. Talk to you soon.
08.09.2010 |