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Today is the official release of War Is Boring, the graphic novel written by David Axe, illustrated by me and published by New American Library. It's my first real book and the culmination of years of collaboration with Axe. I'm very proud of the result and hope you will order a copy. Time Out New York liked the book:
[War Is Boring] offers a unique glimpse of the dicey intervals between the bylines and the broadcasts: long stretches of tedium punctuated with random outbursts of violence and danger. The memoir’s structure serves the premise well. Slow to start, it picks up steam when Axe reaches Afghanistan, and detonates in Mogadishu, where he and his girlfriend encounter mortal peril.
The Huffington Post has a preview of the chapter set in Afghanistan. Kirkus gave us a starred review. And Penthouse--yes, we were reviewed in Penthouse--says War Is Boring is "sobering, harrowing and poignant." But you are a freethinker who is unpersuaded by critical hype... so order a copy a see for yourself.
08.03.2010 |