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Tough guys too sissy to serve with gays

The G.I. Rights Hotline is getting some interesting new requests for conscientious objector status:
the caller said he considered homosexuality an abomination and wanted to be a conscientious objector because he could not serve in the military alongside gay soldiers. ... “He said, ‘Yes, but now if they come out, they can be forced out. But if homosexuality is actually allowed, I will be housed with somebody who’s sexually attracted to me.’ ”
Is something preventing them from being attracted to him now? Like all the anti-gay gay leaders on the right, I think what he means to say is "I'm afraid I will be housed with men I'm sexually attracted to." If I was in the military, I would only want to go on patrols with big strong gay men who were sexually attracted to me so that I might return without a scratch.
07.19.2010 |