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A doodle on the Sex Poodle

If Al Gore ever needs anyone to massage his, um, lower abdomen, there will be plenty of takers. When allegations that he sexually assaulted a Portland masseuse were published, liberal blogs lit up with comments claiming it was everything from a gold digging liar to a plot by oil companies to get trash his public image.

Something tells me they didn’t apply any of this skepticism to Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment case.

Gore’s reflexive defenders are almost as bad as the conservatives who will now smear him as a rapist until the end of time. I mean, these people still spout Vince Foster conspiracies. I don’t know what happened and we may never know. What’s worse, we don’t care to know the truth because we’ve already made one up in our head. Most people only need a headline to form an opinion these days.

Monday: Space Muslims

07.16.2010 |