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Last week Obama pretended he holds people accountable for what they do by firing General Stanley McChrystal. This can only make sense if you ignore the fact that he promoted McChrystal in the first place.

A lot of media outlets, which suck up to the military in order to gain access, feel Rolling Stone burned MC. Lara Logan, a foreign correspondent for CNN, was on Reliable Sources Sunday to blast Michael Hastings, the RS writer, for what she saw as sensationalism:

I mean, the question is, really, is what General McChrystal and his aides are doing so egregious, that they deserved to end a career like McChrystal’s? I mean, Michael Hastings has never served his country the way McChrystal has.

Indeed, Michael Hastings hasn’t served his country in the way McChrystal has – Hastings was never implicated in overseeing torture in a Human Rights Watch report or personally involved in covering up the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman in order to propagandize the American people. When will people like Michael Hastings learn what honor is? As for journalism, Hastings should have written another mythologizing article about how McChrystal is tough-as-nails, runs 200 miles in the morning, subsists on three chicken nuggets a day and only sleeps two hours a night – while standing – or whatever other nonsense he feeds reporters to make himself look tough.

The media has loved reporting on the “Spartan” eating and sleeping habits of McChrystal, as if tough men need less sleep and nutrition than normal people. The truth is probably less flattering, since the only people who can sustain that kind of living are either lying or addicted to amphetamines.

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