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Here are some random things I've been meaning to pass along.
  • Conspiracy Kingpin Alex Jones thinks the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie, Machete, is part of an Illuminati plot to spark a race war. This guy needs to stand a little closer to the Occam's razor in the morning.
  • This Newsweek article, "The Case Against Marriage," had me at "hello."
  • The Too Much Coffee Man Opera is playing in Astoria on the 23rd.
  • Penny Arcade makes fun of (bad) editorial cartoons.
  • Erica Moen released the second and final collection of her diary comic "DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Diary Comic." You really should buy both volumes. The series chronicles her life from 2003-2009, from a college-aged lesbian and budding artist to full-time freelancer married to a British guy. She talks about sex and farts the whole way through, which I consider a positive.
  • America and Somalia: child soldiers for the win?
06.15.2010 |