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Chris writes:
Having seen an interesting piece of mail from an enraged bald guy on Tom Tomorrows website, regarding his portrayal of "baldies" in This Modern World as being evil right-wing types, I would like to follow his lead (albeit in a more polite manner) regarding your portrayal of those with short back 'n' sides haircuts as being racist, gun nut, teabagger types in Idiot Box. For instance in the recent "Obama/Hitler" cartoon. I myself have a shaven head, save for a spiky patch on top, and remain a loyal fan of your comics, and politics (for the most part, at least), and find this stereotype OFFENSIVE. Please, let the jar-headed guy demonstrate (at least once) that he's a dope-smokin', hippy-lovin' pinko coward? Or just a good guy?
I drew that character – Jarhead Jerry, let's call him – as a torturer in Gitmo for years. Today he's back from abroad and watching Glenn Beck, unemployed except for appearances in the strip. Unfortunately for Chris, JJ will make another appearance this Friday. Will he be dope-smoking? You'd sure think so from the dumb ass things I put in his mouth. I once had someone write me to complain about an evil bald scientist I drew. Why did they all have to be bald? As a future bald person I don't find it too offensive, but they had a point. Where do I draw the line with historically oppressive hair style stereotypes; mullets? jarheads? ironic mustaches? These all denote a certain type of American. Cartoonists must be free to use them. Down with Chris! Everybody Draw Jarhead Day!
05.25.2010 |