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Americans would rather break their necks craning for a view into someone’s bedroom than let them have privacy. Serious Media Outlets™ didn’t discuss Kagan’s sexuality – they discussed the discussion about it! The speculative frenzy seems mostly based on her being single and having engaged in acts of softball, which MSNBC lesbian expert and racist Pat Buchanan says is dead give away. He also had some very insightful things to say about Jews recently.

Chuck Asay had an interesting take on Kagan. Apparently our county was been humming along nicely until this last week. Also see Brian Fairrington’s cartoon (second down) which takes issue with her not having kids or being married. Elena, if you ever get married, mail the bloody bedsheets to Fairrington so he can be sure you sufficiently adhere to his view of family/sexuality/purity/American.

05.17.2010 |