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Network Of Make-Believe

Goddamn Fox News shitting all over Mister Rogers. You can’t criticize Reagan when he’s dead, but it’s OK to poop on the nicest man we grew up watching on TV. If you haven’t seen the video of the Fox & Friends segment floating around the net last week, it is here. Note Brian Kilmeade’s passionate hatred for Mister Rogers.

Funny thing: Not only is their argument absurd – it’s not even in the study they are talking about. No, really. A SDSUniversity article about the study at its own University says it finds “that narcissism in college students is increasing faster than previously thought, especially among college women.” It goes on to make many points that probably won’t surprise you. No mention of Mister Rogers.

A write-up in the Wall Street Journal, however, quotes a finance professor at LSU who was not involved in the study linking narcissism to Mister Rogers, which “dawned on him last spring.” This gives the writer ammo for an attention-grabbing headline and in turn gave Fox producers an excuse to cobble together footage of Mister Rogers and set their hosts loose to rant against telling kids they are special in our pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps America.

At least Mister Rogers let his viewers know when they were entering a land of make believe. Cue the train!

05.12.2010 |