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If an Apache helicopter ever strafes a crowd at the Masters, you can bet there will be a serious national discussion about the Rules Of Engagement. Until then, if you happen to be an Iraqi driving your children to school and come across a journalist in the road barely clinging to life who you think should be driven to, you know, a hospital in the spacious van you own, well, better luck next time. (If you survive.)

On this whole Wikileaks video I’m hearing a lot of apologia from folks across the spectrum. Everybody is very understanding of the complex moral issues involved. Just flip the script to reveal the hypocrisy: The Iraq army mows down unarmed US civilian contractors and reporters while laughing and dismiss the small children they shot with a shrug. “All by the books,” says the Iraq military. Que American Media Firestorm with non-stop soundbites on the hopelessly corrupt government of Iraq while cameras show the devastated relatives of the slain tying ribbons to trees while sobbing uncontrollably.

As for the assassination thing Obama is doing… let’s all pretend we wouldn’t be ripping our hair out if Bush did the exact same thing.

Friday: Karzai

04.14.2010 |