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Bob McDonnell doesn’t care about black people. But he’s a conservative so that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The GOP seems more invested in the Civil War than the Confederate Tchotchke Industrial Complex that makes all those dumb ass bumper stickers for hillbillies. 150 years after the Civil War ended slavery, Governors of former slave states don’t forget to mention it while proclaiming “awareness” of the Civil War. It’s done on purpose as one part of the larger GOP strategy: convincing the most privileged class of human beings on earth – White Americans – that they are actually part of a minority that has been horribly wronged for centuries.

Pat Buchanan, MSNBC’s senior political racist, was getting fired up about the slavery-ending war on Hardball. Buchanan, a war crime apologist for any atrocity ever committed against a brown person, calls General Sherman the “great terrorist” of the Civil War for all the pillaging he did. This is the type of person who says black people need to get over the past.

Pat “Both Sides Were Right” Buchanan also writes: “Slavery was not the cause of this war. Secession was…” Logic 101, Pat. Why were they seceding? For fun?

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04.12.2010 |