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I'm planning on promoting my strip to papers this year and that costs money. Funds are low so I thought I would try to appeal to Bors Blog readers with something more appealing than begging.

So if you would like to help support my work and get an original drawing for it, here's your opportunity. I'm selling the drawings below for $40 a piece. A steal! The first three people who e-mail me can have them, provided you are able to send money through Paypal.

These drawings are india ink on bristol board and approximately 4 x 5 inches. Feel free to state your preference on the drawings as well. Also, if you'd like to commission a different caricature or a larger drawing, you should also contact me for a quote.

It takes money to get these cartoons out there in front of editors and eyeballs - Thanks for considering!

04.07.2010 |