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Turning the burner off

I've been meaning to post about this but various meatworld occurrences have been demanding my attention lately. I'm going to attempt to get back to regular blogging here. We shall see...

Sadly, my friend Mikhaela Reid announced she will cease drawing her weekly political cartoon "The Boiling Point." She cites lack of pay, burnout and the fact that there is a little human growing inside of her.

With that she joins other great cartoonists who have hung up their political cartooning pens (or mouses) in the last year or so, including David Reese, Tim Kreider and Kevin Moore. All of them cite economic conditions as a factor, if not the factor. It's a sad state of affairs when cartoonists like these cannot find enough pay to justify even one cartoon a week while certain hacks I mention here occasionally are paid a full salary to phone in five.

Further negative news is that Salon, one of the only online publications to run - and pay for running - alt-type strips, recently axed most of its lineup, which included "Tom The Dancing Bug" and "The K Chronicles." At this point I'm hoping the iPad really is the savior of mankind and media that it's been hyped to be. I don't mean to post another blog bitching about the State Of Things, but when good cartoonists stop cartooning it should be mentioned (along with the reason why).

To end things on a positive note, the brilliant cartoonist Jen Sorensen was awarded the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism.
04.06.2010 |