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Liberals are worse!

"That a reckless and depraved liberal elite would set itself up as moral tutor to Pope Benedict XVI is beyond satire." - George Neumayr, editor of the Catholic World Report.

Go read the rest. It's complete with mentions of gay adoptions (apparently bad?), Michael Jackson, Planned Parenthood and NAMBLA. NAMBLA: the group every card-carrying latte liberal supports! (If they're aren't already a member, of course.) You might even say the column is "beyond satire."

The Catholic Church's response to this criminal scandal has been horrible. Blaming gays, secularists, the media and whoever else isn't helping their position. It's typical of conservative Catholics and this pope in particular to lash out against secularists while glossing over their church's failings. (In this case, "failings" is intended to mean "actively covering up a worldwide pedophilia crises for decades.") I'm reminded of their "blame secularists" mentality in this comic from a few years ago...

04.06.2010 |