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When faced with the opportunity to remove a child rapist from his position of power that he uses to prey on victims, anyone with the slightest hint of morality would do so in a heartbeat – then ask if they could chop his balls off for good measure. Joe Ratzinger would much rather sweep it under the rug so his organization can keep the moral high ground while scribbling encyclicals on the evils of spermicidal lubricant.

Faced with mounting evidence that the Vatican has been actively covering up a child abuse cases for decades, they are choosing to attack the media and portray themselves as victims on par with the persecution faced by Jews. I find it a strange comparison because, unless I’m mistaken, being starved and shot to death in a concentration camp is in no way similar to having newspaper articles written about your child rape fests. Given the unpleasant fact that Ratzinger was goosestepping in the Hitler Youth at the time, it makes for a clumsy comparison.

Meanwhile, the bigoted Bill Donahue of the Catholic League decided this was a great time to blame gays for all this. Just another humble Catholic leader focusing on what really matters here.

Wednesday: Pissed

04.05.2010 |