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You Shall Know Them by Their Suits

There seems to be no end to the revelations of how widespread child abuse is in the Catholic Church and how far the leadership has gone to shelter rapists. At some point being a religious organization took a back seat to their main purpose today: overseeing an international pedophile ring.

In his latest Slate column Christopher Hitchens excoriates the Catholic Church in typical fashion, saying those high up in the pedophile ring should be brought to justice.

I don’t think the full implications of this have even begun to sink in. The supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church is now a prima facie suspect in a criminal enterprise of the most appalling sort–and in the attempt to obstruct justice that has been part and parcel of that enterprise. He is also the political head of a state–the Vatican–that has given asylum to wanted men like the disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston.

Of course, Louis CK discovered the true purpose of the church a few years ago.

03.24.2010 |