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Pedophiles grossed out by lesbians

The Catholic Church, the most prolific pedophile ring in history – even establishing its own city, has recently booted toddlers out of one of its schools for having parents that apparently love each other, but also happen to have vaginas. This kind of discrimination, by a prolific pedophile ring no less, should probably be illegal. But so should pedophile rings. I’m outraged by the story while also pleased that the chances of these two children being molested by pedophiles has now been significantly reduced.

This story comes as news that the pedophile ring’s current leader, Joe Ratzinger, didn’t blink when a known pedophile was placed under him in a position where he could rape more children and rob them of their innocence, which, of course, he did.

Wednesday: Glenn Beck. He’s crazy.

03.14.2010 |