Matt Bors
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You may have noticed that our government has ground to a halt due to Republican obstruction. At this point I think they would block funds to build a 300-foot statue of Ronald Reagan on the White House lawn – even if it peed on poor people. This is the party that, during the Bush years, whined about not getting “up or down” votes on every fascist Bush wanted on the bench. Not that Democrats keep consistent views on the filibuster when they are out of power.

At bare minimum, old white men who want to filibuster should be forced to physically do it and shut the government down. Let them talk endlessly for days and weeks to block health care reform while liberal groups wheel out dying grandmas with red tape over their mouths for the cameras and see who wins that PR war.

What I find most amazing in all this is that Republicans are not doing anything the rules of the Senate don’t allow them to do. It starts out as a ridiculously undemocratic institution, then makes up rules for itself so that some hick in a flyover state can shaft the entire country out of spite.

Pundits like to point out that our founding fathers, in their infinite wisdom, designed the Senate to move at a glacial pace to prevent rushing headlong down some dangerous path. And hooray for that. Whether it’s freeing slaves, letting women vote or being the last industrialized country to provide health care to all its citizens, Senators know it’s best to sit on things for a few centuries and mull it over. Well, unless there is a country that needs bombed.

02.17.2010 |