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Meet The Press…But Not The Cartoonist, Part 2

Once again on Meet The Press, David Gregory shows a cartoon without citing the creator:
Well, David Brooks, the final word at the end of the week, it was crystallized, I think, by The New Yorker cartoon which, I can tell you on good authority, the president finds quite amusing. Here it is, these various panes [panels?] describing how the president used to be able to walk on water, and that final page [panel?] he actually shows he's a mere mortal, he's lost his magic power, he's into the drink. Where are we?
Could Barry Blitt at least be credited by Gregory for the illustration? Perhaps not the idea, since editorial cartoonists ran that cliche into the ground over a year before The New Yorker thought it cover-worthy, but the "various panes" were drawn by someone.
01.31.2010 |