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My friend and colleague, Mark Fiore, is Bill O'Reilly's latest target in his war against the Liberal Media. He singles out Fiore's "How To Speak Tea Bag" cartoon for appearing on the NPR website.

Continuing the media embargo on citing cartoonists by name, O'Reilly never once says "Mark Fiore," describing him only as a "left-wing jihadist."

May I psychoanalyze Bill from my keyboard? He probably picked up on the cartoon due to the sexual nature of the tea bag joke. He is a self-loathing pervert and when he's not engaging in falaphilia, he's running footage of scantily clad women on spring break and teenagers freak dancing so he can rage against the moral degradation of our culture. You can almost see the bead of sweat on his brow during these segments--he's a man working through Serious Issues in front of millions of viewers and trying not to lose it.

Anyway, Fiore responds to the calamity on his blog.
01.08.2010 |